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Madison Home Health Services
in Columbus, Ohio

You don’t always have to stay in a hospital, rehab facility or nursing home to get the healthcare services you need. Madison’s team of highly-skilled healthcare professionals can bring specialty care right to your home in Columbus OH, Franklin County Ohio, and surrounding areas.

Home Health Nurse with Patients in Columbus OH
Patient-Centered Care
At Madison Home Health Services, we dedicate ourselves to patient-centered care. Nurses, therapists, and aides spend half an hour to an hour with each patient, each day (and sometimes more time than that). In your home, our health care professionals are free from distractions - focusing on your needs and those of your family and family caregivers.

Every patient receives an individualized care plan based on a whole-patient view. Madison Home Health Services patients are treated as more than a diagnosis and treatments do more than narrowly focus on that diagnosis. We consider your whole healthcare situation including nutrition, success with medication adherence, home optimization, ability to perform normal daily activities during recovery, the effect of comorbidities, and much more.
Joint Commission Accredited, Medicare Certified Home Health in Columbus, OH
Accredited and Certified
Madison Home Health Services in Columbus, OH maintains Medicare certification, Joint Commission Accreditation, and state licensure. This means we not only meet the healthcare industry's highest standards, but we also continuously strive for improvement. These certifications and accreditations require that our home health agency routinely undergoes surprise inspections by highly qualified registered nurses. Inspectors stay for days. They review patient records, policies and procedures, and even visit the homes of our patients with nurses.

Ongoing certification, accreditation, and licensure provides you and your family with assurance that care will be delivered competently and professionally. Choosing Madison Home Health Services as your care provider further ensures that you and your family will be treated with compassion and respect.

Medicare-funded Home Health Services
Medicare Pays 100%
Because Madison Home Health maintains Medicare certification, traditional Medicare pays Madison 100% of allowable charges for home health services. When patients with Medicare meet certain criteria, they have no deductible to meet for our care, no co-pays, and no cost sharing of any kind. In part this is because Medicare understands that, for certain patients, nursing and therapy delivered at home can prevent worsening conditions and create better long-term health for patients. (Other health insurance typically has good coverage for home health services as well.)

Medicare requires that patients meet the definition of homebound and that they have a skilled need. Homebound only means that due to illness or injury, leaving the home requires special equipment (cane, walker, etc.) or the help of another person. Skilled need means your services are the types of care that require the skill of a nurse or therapist.